Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh Billy

During our trip to Ikea, my Husband and I picked up Billy while we were there. (He's in the brown box).
While putting Billy together, he gave my Husband a fit and me a headace. Nothing a little wine wouldn't fix!
Warning: Ikea's "white" is not a true white so...with spray paint can in hand I went to work. After a light first coat, I noticed it was starting to bubble up and so was my patience with ol' Billy boy. No worries though; I grabbed a can of white paint and rolled it on there. The paint added some texture which then allowed the spray paint to stick when I went back over it with another coat of spray paint.
Now Billy is handsome enough to hold my books and what-nots. I will organize the space more later on but this will do for now.

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