Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Ok, I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best when it comes to taking care of plants but I do try. I try real hard to be honest. I water them every day. Well sometimes I forget to water them...but I don't mean to. It just happens. At times they seem to be hurt that I hadn't paid attention to them that day because their heads are slumped over and all. Gosh, I feel like a bad Mother plant owner. After a little water and TLC they perk right back up again and everything is right in the world.
And now I would like for you to meet my next set of victims plants. Meet my new herb garden! Hopefully. I picked it up at Home Depot. Man, I used to hate that place when I was a little kid, but that's a whole different story. 

The Packet came with 4 soil tablets.
 Add water and watch them expand. Fun little project for kids!
 Next break up the soil tablets with a fork. I noticed I had to add more water than recommended. This allowed the soil tablets to soften and break up more easily.
 This is what it looks like when all the soil has expanded and broken up. It's now time to get down to business...planting time!!
 The planter came with 4 different types of herbs. Nothing's better than fresh herbs!
 Then I added the soil. I then filled the other 3 pots.
Parsley, Cilantro, Oregano, and Chiles.
 I figured I would forget which plant was what so I made myself a little label! I thought that was a pretty clever idea myself. I have to say I patted myself on the back for this one.


  1. Thanks for the DIY, heaven knows I need it! Love your fab blog. So happy I came across it. xo

  2. Aww thanks Katy for the sweet message!!! My herb garden isn't doing so hot right now. I think I need to go sing to it or something. Goodluck!