Friday, February 4, 2011

Spice Up Your Life

I noticed the other day our spice cabinet was getting alittle to "Scary". So my Husband and I needed to put those spice in their place...literally. As "we" were working on a solution I couldn't get this catchy tune outta my head!
As I was bee bopping to the tune in my head my Husband was doing work! That's fair...right?
Here's what we came up with.While I was out on a Home Depot run I spotted this "Baby" for only $11!
First we partially assembled so we could get a good idea on the measurements.
Then up she went!
Remember kids the leveler is your friend. ALWAYS!
We then placed the shelf back on to see how far apart the other bracket should be.
Now that's the right way to spice up your life!

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